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Academic Training

Academic Training, available to J-1 students only, is training related to your field of study or exchange program. Academic Training requires authorization from the Center for Global Engagement.

Training could be in the form of a job, internship, research position, cooperative education position, or other opportunity to obtain experience that furthers your academic objective. Academic Training can be paid or unpaid.

Authorization is always required for:
  • Off-campus academic training opportunities
  • On-campus opportunities that do not qualify as on-campus employment (a separate category of employment authorization)
  • On- or off-campus academic training opportunities that extend beyond your academic program completion (program completion refers to either graduation for degree-seeking students or end of exchange for visiting students)


You are eligible to apply for Academic Training authorization if you:
  • Are currently in J-1 status sponsored by Duquesne (students sponsored by outside organizations, such as Fulbright, must contact their J-1 sponsor for Academic Training information).
  • Are primarily in the US to study rather than engage in academic training
  • Are in good academic standing
  • Have an offer for a training opportunity directly related to the major field of study or exchange program
Log into the DuqGlobal International Student Portal to begin this request.