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Health Requirements

Duquesne University cares about the health and safety of all students and has created resources to help you navigate the complex healthcare system in the United States. As an international student, you must complete the following health-related tasks prior to your arrival to Duquesne:
  • Submit health records to Health Services: All students (both domestic and international) must provide a medical health history and proof of certain immunizations. Please note the following:
    • Some immunizations must be administered during a specific time frame, and only certain types of immunizations and tests are accepted by Health Services. Be sure to review their requirements carefully.
    • If you do not submit the necessary documentation prior to arrival to campus, Health Services will administer the necessary tests and immunizations during your orientation. This will be at your own expense (approximately $200-$500).
    • You cannot enroll in courses until you are cleared by Health Services.
  • Purchase health insurance: We recommend that you purchase Duquesne's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) as it provides excellent coverage for a reasonable rate, but you may seek approval for an alternative plan. Please note the following:
    • You will be automatically enrolled in SHIP at the start of your first semester if you do not request a waiver.
    • You must complete the health insurance enrollment prior to the start of each new academic year.
    • Healthcare costs in the US are extremely expensive without adequate insurance. Alternative plans that are cheaper than SHIP may provide significantly less coverage, leading to higher costs over time.
    • In most cases, policies classified as "travel insurance" do not meet Duquesne's requirements.
    • Duquesne has partnered with health insurance experts at QM Services, Inc. To avoid unnecessary expense, contact the knowledgeable professionals at QM Services to review any international policy in English before you purchase it. You can reach QM Services at or 1-800-273-1715.